What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential, guided negotiation process where each participant retains decision-making choice over the terms of their agreement.  A trained neutral, the mediator facilitates a solution oriented discussion in a safe and confidential environment.

Once an agreement is reached, the mediator memorializes the terms of the agreement, which can become the basis of a final settlement filed with the Court.  Mediation is also an excellent forum in which to problem-solve before resorting to litigation.

The Approach

Joy Anna's approach to mediation is client centered, interest based problem solving.  The focus is on helping parties move forward in life, free from the weight and expense of contentious litigation. Her aim is to:

    *Help clients identify and clarify the issues at hand;

    *Consider each party's interests and options;

    *Craft a resolution that fits each client's unique needs;

    * Document the terms of the agreement; and

    *Is sensitive to containing the high cost associated with                litigation while not sacrificing thoughtful decision-making.


Offering Mediation 



Divorce and Custody


Co-Parenting Conflicts & Timesharing


Estates and Related Family  Conflict


Employment and Workplace Disputes


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